Webinar Timetable

Webinar Timetable

We’ll be hosting 13 live webinars throughout the day on Wednesday 10 February, with university representatives and student ambassadors talking you through a range of topics and answering your questions. These will take place in the Auditorium, which you can access from the lobby or by using the navigation bar.

We recommend catching the topics you’re interested in live so you can take part in the Q&A chat; but you can easily catch-up on any sessions in the Auditorium after they’ve aired too.

Make sure you’re prepared to make the most of the event by joining our pre-event Warm-Up Webinars on Wednesday 3 February and Monday 8 February. Find out more and book here.


 12:05 - 12:30

An Introduction to the Russell Group

Research-led teaching and making informed choices

Presented by: University of Bristol and University of Liverpool

 12:35 - 13:00

Constructing a Competitive Application

How to make yourself stand out and get offers

Presented by: Durham University and University of Manchester

 13:05 - 13:30

Why do an EPQ?

Developing independent research skills for university

Presented by: University of Leeds and University of Southampton

 13:35 - 14:00

Applying to Oxford or Cambridge

Presented by: University of Cambridge and University of Oxford

 14:05 - 14:30

Studying IN Scotland

Presented by: University of Edinburgh and University of Glasgow

 14:35 - 15:00

Studying IN Wales and Northern Ireland

Presented by: Cardiff University and Queen's University Belfast

 15:05 - 15:30

Applying to a Russell Group University?

Advice for students in Year 12  (Year 13 in Northern Ireland, and S5 in Scotland)

Presented by: University of Nottingham and University of York

 15:35 - 16:00

Applying to a Russell Group University?

Advice for students in Year 13 (Year 14 in Northern Ireland, and S6 in Scotland)

Presented by: University of Warwick and Imperial College London

 16:05 - 16:30

Employability Links

Degree apprenticeships, careers, internships and placements

Presented by: University of Birmingham and University of Exeter

 16:35 - 17:00

Studying IN London

Presented by: London School of Economics and Queen Mary, University of London

 17:05 - 17:30

Student Life

Two current students discuss what studying at Russell Group universities is like

Presented by: Newcastle University and University of Sheffield

 17:35 - 18:00

Accessing Russell Group Universities

Contextual offers, bursaries and continued wellbeing support

Presented by: UCL and King's College London

 18:05 - 18:30

Parent and Teacher Support

Advice for those supporting students with their applications to Russell Group Universities

Presented by: University of Leeds and University of Warwick